Flexible Spending Benefits

(Administered by Zenefits)

In agreement with the IRS tax code, you may withhold a designated amount from your paycheck each month to help pay for medical care and dependent care. This amount withheld from taxes is deposited with our plan administrator, Zenefits.

As your expenses are incurred, you can use the Benny card to pay for some of these expenses, or you may pay directly then submit a form and receipts for reimbursement.

Zenefits Contact Info

Phone: 1-855-562-5215 if your card was declined or 1-855-281-1795 for FSA balance. Both numbers are toll-free.

You will need to keep in mind these few pieces of information as you consider enrollment:

  • Enrollment in this program is only possible during open enrollment, which usually occurs between the months of April and July each year.
  • Enrollment becomes effective on August 1 of each year for continuing employees. It becomes effective immediately for new employees hired outside of the open enrollment period.
  • If you elect to participate in any of the aspects of Flexible Spending during an open enrollment period, you may not remove enrollment unless you experience a "qualifying event".

Flexible Spending benefits offer employees the opportunity to set aside non-taxed salary dollars in two different ways to save money, as outlined below.

Health Benefits

You may have your insurance deductible, co-payment and other qualifying out-of-pocket (such as orthodontia, prescription glasses and contacts) medical expenses reimbursed through Flexible Spending. To do this, calculate your expenses at the beginning of the enrollment period and enroll.

Unreimbursed Medical Expenses

  • You can elect to have money deducted from your payroll check on a pre-tax basis to self-reimburse medical, dental, and vision expenses that you incur (out of pocket costs) during the academic year. Expenses can be for yourself or for dependents in your household.
  • For specific questions as to what allowable charges are included, contact Zenefits.
  • Calculate the total deduction amount carefully. If you do not incur at least the amount you set aside, the amount in excess of $500 not incurred is then forfeited.
  • If you leave NNU, you will need to request a refund of monies originally designated for Flexible Spending if not spent by you for medical expenses during your employment. Money not spent and not requested for reimbursement will be forfeited.
  • All claims for reimbursement are made through Zenefits and are reimbursed through direct deposit.

Dependent Care Expenses

You can elect to set aside salary dollars on a pre-tax basis for the payment of dependent care expenses. Dependents may be children under the age of 13 who are cared for by another while both parents work. Dependents may also be individuals living in your home for whom you are responsible and for whom you incur care expenses as a result of you and your spouse working (i.e. an elderly parent for whom you hire a caretaker).

Additional Information:

To access some additional information on allowable expenses, the following documents are available. If you have a specific question regarding your flexible spending account, please contact Zenefits directly at